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Welcome to the Pibby project



A simple, unobtrusive podcast client for desktops written in C#.

Most of the clients I have used have had some but not all of the features I need in a podcatcher. This is a stab at the "perfect" podcatcher for me.

In keeping with the spirit of the great butlers of literature - notably Jeeves (Wodehouse) and Alfred (Asimov) - the aim is to "just work" and keep out of the user's way.

Jeeves entered - or perhaps one should say shimmered into...the room
P G Wodehouse, Ring for Jeeves, 1953

Current State

Pibby is in a semi-usable state approaching feature complete for the first relase, working on tidying the UI.

First release is scheduled for late July.


...will be along as soon we're feature complete for the first release is confirmed.


When the first release happens, can be found here.

Contributing to the Project

Go to the development page for information.

Frequently Asked Questions

See the faq page.

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