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Developing Pibby

Getting Involved

This is a personal "spare time" project for me. You are very welcome to send in suggestions for features,
or get involved in writing the code if you would like.

Drop me a line and we can talk :)

Getting the Code

Go here for the source.

Building Pibby

For convenience, use the go.bat file to do a basic build. This uses the version of NAnt in the tools folder. If you have another version in your path, you can invoke the file directly.

Binaries are put into the Build\Debug or Build\Release folders.


The NAnt .buildfile has the following targets. They can be invoked directly on the build file or via a parameter to the go.bat file.
  • all - builds everything, does code coverage, runs fxcop and generates the install
  • build - builds the solution only
  • clean - deletes intermediate files
  • coverage - does code coverage
  • packge - creates the installer package
  • test - builds and runs the tests

Tools you will need

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